Why do the summit overlays occasionally not line up exactly with the mountains I’m seeing in the camera?

SummitPeek depends on an accurate reading for your compass heading. Unfortunately, the compass reading from the device is not accurate enough to place the overlay exactly. In the settings menu there is an option to calibrate a compass offset, and a display that reflects the true compass reading from the device. If you have a real compass, or an accurate bearing from a GPS, you can increase or decrease the compass offset value until the two line up. Usually 5-10 degrees is enough to bring the peaks into alignment.

Can I speed up the loading time for the peak info?

By default SummitPeek loads data for almost 70,000 peaks across the United States. However, if most of your travel is confined to a specific state you may want to load data for only that state. In the settings menu you can select a default state to load peak data from, which will speed up the loading time.

I find the peak information difficult to read, is there any way to display information for just one peak?

If you touch any of the peak displays on the screen SummitPeek will bring up a static information box for that peak. It is also possible to switch from the text based displays to a small GPS style marker, which you can select for peak information. This option is accessible in the settings menu.

I have a hard time stabilizing the peak display when I’m in my car, what’s going on?

If you are driving, put the phone away! If you are a passenger in the car you will have a hard time using the app as well. The compass in the iPhone and iPad is affected by large metal objects and electric fields nearby. The location and compass heading information will be unreliable inside a vehicle for this reason.

I have a suggestion that I think will make SummitPeek better, can I contact the developer?

We are always happy to hear from customers about ways to improve SummitPeek, please visit our contact form to send in suggestions!

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